Fireball Spotted Over Maryland Tuesday May 25: Video

Fireball Spotted Over Maryland Tuesday May 25: Video

Shortly before 10 PM on Tuesday May 25 2021,  a large fireball streaked across the sky of the Mid Atlantic US. This was centered over Maryland and captured by various cameras. Thanks to Mike Hankey, his All Sky Cam network, and the American Meteor Society for enhancing the documentation of the event.



A video compilation is below…


This was a unique opportunity as many people may have been outside serving the supermoon. But that 30% increase in moonlight also made for competition in the sky. So this must have been really bright to show up. Bolide is the fancy term for a meteor that flares up or explodes while falling through the atmosphere. This is the bright streak we see, and often gets referred to as a fireball.

Spotter Map from The American Meteor Society

This was seen around 9:59 PM between southern Virginia and central Pennsylvania.





The prime location was over Maryland….

Triangulation of reports puts this passing just west of Hagerstown.





Video Compilation





Other Sample Images From The Camera Network






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