Tuesday March 26 2019

The latest storm system is moving off of the coast and we have a few dry days ahead. First, we have to deal with the colder air for two days, then a race to warm up to the 70s. Often in Spring we warm up faster than models suggest, which is why would could reach that mark a day earlier than the computer guidance is suggesting. The important point in this report is that most of this week will be dry and part of next weekend will be really nice.


Local Weather Stats For March 26, 2019 in Baltimore

Average High:  57ºF

Record High: 84ºF in 1921

Average  Low: 37ºF

Record Low:  21ºF in 1878

                         *Record Snow:  = 3.0″ in 1900

Sunrise: 7:00 AM

Sunset 7:24 PM  

*Daylight = 2:35 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 46ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 


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Morning Temperatures


Afternoon Highs





Temperature Outlook

We should notice the shift to warming on Thursday. Often we warm faster than models suggest in Spring. That means we could reach 70ºF on Friday, but there is a risk for showers. That will be the determining factor. If the showers don’t reach us, we have a better chance to warm faster. If we get wet again, we still have Saturday to look forward to. Sunday however, the next round of rain should cool us down.


Rain Outlook

The chances for rain in out future:

Friday: Showers? This will determine if we can reach 70ºF a day early. If the rain does not reach us, then we will end up warmer. If we get wet, then wait until Saturday for that warm day.

Sunday: This animation is underestimating the potential… But I would plan for this day to be wet and cooler.


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