Wednesday March 27 2019

Something special is happening this morning. Today is the first day sine Daylight Saving Time kicked in that the sun will rise before 7 AM in Baltimore. We will see it with a clear sky.  The sun will continue to be seen before 7 AM until September 29th. Note, the moon is also adjacent to Jupiter, which is also a pretty sight.

Before 7:00 AM – Face south and look up. This illustration is NOT drawn to scale.

The thing about a clear sky in late March is that it often means cold nights and mornings.  If you have noticed yesterday afternoon was mild in the sun, but in the shade it was still chilly. It will be similar today as High Pressure is overhead. As it shifts to the east, our winds will swing to a warmer direction. Then we will be off to the race for the 70s. We may reach it Friday, a day earlier than models suggest. But we should be there Saturday. The end of the weekend, no so nice.



Local Weather Stats For March 27, 2019 in Baltimore

Average High:  58ºF

Record High: 86ºF in 1921

Average  Low: 37ºF

Record Low:  20ºF in 2014

                         *Record Snow:  = 0.4″ in 1924

Sunrise: 6:59 AM

Sunset 7:25 PM  

*Daylight = 2:35 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 46ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 


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Morning Temperatures


Afternoon Highs


Thursday Temperatures 





Chance of Showers?

It looks like this band of showers is more likely in the mountains. This may be splitting hairs, but depending on how much or how little cloud cover we get from it, may determine if we reach the 70ºF mark. I think we have a chance.



Temperature Outlook

The weekend will start off warmer. Note that gusty winds ahead of a storm will be responsible for pumping in the temps in the 70s.  There will be clouds on the increase and rain Saturday night and Sunday. See the forecast animation below.

Temps will cool dramatically following this storm and make for a cold start to April.  As you can see, the warmer air will work back in time for the Orioles home opener.


Rain Animation

  • Saturday Night: Showers may arrive
  • Sunday: Rain and colder
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Stronger Coastal Storm



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