Friday December 7 2018

While you were sleeping we had flurries move by. Now we set up a quiet and cold day as the same High Pressure trying to bring us a cold weekend is playing a role to help suppress the next storm to the south. Considering recent storms, I still see some wiggle room on the north side as computer modeling is not perfect. That is only to suggest that some parts of our area should still watch for some impact on the edge of that storm. If you are traveling through southern Virginia or North Carolina, what until you see what they are expecting!!!

Morning Snap Shot

  • The reason the computer models have shifted the expected weekend storm to our south is that Strong High Pressure. It was stronger that first though and farther south.
  • This will battle the force of the Subtropical Jet across northern Mexico AND the Low joining it from Southern California.
  • This storm is going to be a big deal for those that get it!

Local Weather Stats For December 7 in Baltimore

Average High:  48ºF

Record High: 77ºF in 1998

Average  Low: 30ºF

Record Low:  6ºF in 2002

                         *Record Snow:  0.8″ in 1969

Sunrise: 7:12 AM

Sunset 4:43 PM 

*Daylight = 0:54 shorter than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 42ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 


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Morning Temperatures



It will feel like the 20s and 30s but the actually temperatures this weekend will be in that range.


Storm Track

The Canadian Model shows the Low near the same region of Florida that I have shown half a dozen times since Hurricane Michael. The others made it to the southern Delmarva coast. This one is suppressed to Cape Hatteras 100 miles south… Here we are the northern edge of flurries just south of Washington DC



Atmospheric Memory Track I showed all Fall and in my Winter Outlook.

IF that was the case, this would have been an epic storm for us…

BUT That High Pressure is the reason models are keeping it south…


Closer Look- Southern Maryland Should Still Watch This

Sunday Night shows the closest approach from this storm. I still think there will be some jog to the north… but at this time that may just bring flurries to central Maryland.

Southern Maryland still has at least a 30% chance for some light snow… Which could impact roads if it verifies.

Compare Three Models Projections

If there is any impact in Southern Maryland, it would be Sunday afternoon and night.  That is IF we get a shift north…



The European Model is the farthest south, but still close enough within the margin of error to have Southern Maryland on stand by…


How Much Snow?

This is why this storm is such a big deal….

The modeling shows between 1 and 2 Feet of snow in the southern North Carolina bullseye. The mountains will get the heaviest. But cities like Charlotte and Raleigh (if they don’t mix to sleet and rain) could get in on the 1 Ft plus snow!!!! This would halt traffic for days with little snow removal equipment.


The GFS Model also shows heavy snow in the same region


I will have more updates later today and continue to watch for any shift north. Please note that I am not wishing for the storm, but applying my theory and experience that the models still are not perfect. Those on the northern edge of the storm can easily go from nearly nothing to having an impact to be prepared for…

Looking Ahead

  • Another storm is expected next weekend. 
  • At this time the modeling shows us on the warm and rainy side…
  • But if the same error is applied as we compare to last week… Then we could shift this storm to the south and end up in the cold and snow zone.  
  • *I do NOT like to show storms more than 1 week away for the reason that there is too much to adjust. But the pattern is worth monitoring.


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