October 8 2017

The warm and muggy feel to the air might feel tropical and it should. Tropical Depression Nate is weaker with 35 mph winds, but it is going to help break a long standing temperature record for this date.  October 8th in Baltimore should bring a low temperature of 48ºF to the weather station at BWI. That is the long term average. This morning, the lowest reading was 73ºF at midnight. That is 4 degrees warmer that the normal high of 69ºF and above the normal low of 67ºF that Baltimore records in mid July.

The forecast keeps temps in the 70s through midnight. Should that happen, the record will be set for the warmest low temperate on this date in 95 years. The bar was set at 68ºF in 1922.

The official numbers will not be known until midnight.

Key Numbers Today

69ºF = Normal High 

68ºF =  Record Warm Low

67ºF = The normal low temperature in Baltimore for mid July, the warmest time of the year

73ºF = Low Temperature So Far Today

48ºF = Normal Low 


*The Oct. 9th record warm low of 71ºF was set in 1959

Forecasting Closer To Normal

Normal temperature is a loose term. It really represents the average of all the warm and cold measurement. This is the consensus forecast into next weekend. The highs will stay warm through Tuesday. But overnight lows will be getting cooler and less tropical.


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