March 27 – If the forecast for rain at any point has you disappointed, we should consider that we need it. While the recent snow and ice storm and some extended fog may have the soil a little damp, the overall water supply is running a little low. Ask many who have well water or drive by local reservoirs. They are running low thanks to a quiet weather pattern. It’s gone on longer than just lack of snow this winter.


The driest conditions are west of the Chesapeake Bay and east of the mountains. Check out the rainfall since Autumn 2016 and you will see the past six months have all been below average. Besides the low snow, we didn’t get rain to compensate for it. Baltimore’s BWI is reporting a deficit of 3 inches of rainfall since January 1st. But here we see we are more than double that since October. We don’t want all of that in return at once, but a wet weather pattern for a few weeks would help out a lot of farmers as we enter the spring growing season.



The direst region is also east of the mountains and through the lower Susquehanna River Valley or Mid-State

Northeast US

Impact across the lower Hudson River Valley, Connecticut River Valley, and southern New Hampshire.

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