Super Moon: Top 12 photos from Sunday Nov 13

Super Moon: Top 12 photos from Sunday Nov 13

supermoon_1_baltimore_timshahanThe ultra super moon of 2016 did not disappoint in Maryland. The full moon occurring at perigee (the closest point of the orbit around Earth), was the closest and brightest since January 26 in 1948.  It was 14% larger and 30% brighter than average. If you had a chance to catch the moon rising, then the size was more noticeable compared to some object on the ground. If you were outside after sunset, then you noticed how bright it was.  The clear sky allowed for some spectacular photos. The cold temps that dropped below freezing overnight was worth braving for these photographers.  It was difficult to pic the best of. Below are the rest of top 12 shared around Maryland, but there are plenty more and I will try to add a follow up to this collection. Thanks to all that shared there talent.

Please note: I have learned the difficulty in capturing the moon this bright with the horizon. Keeping the focus and lighting balanced was something I experienced first hand with Erin Harrigan (at the bottom of this post).
























Learning The Tricks

I was at Lake Redman in York Co- PA with Erin Harrigan testing out new camera settings to balance the brightness of the moon and the ground.

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