Supermoon: Closest Full Moon Of The Century Rises Tonight And Monday

Supermoon: Closest Full Moon Of The Century Rises Tonight And Monday

moon_plane_sebastiaenlebriganNovember 13 2016 – The full moon this month will officially occur at 7:52 AM EST on Monday the 14th, but when it rises on Sunday night it will look just as impressive as Monday night. So essentially, we get two chances to see the Beaver Moon. What makes it more special is that this will occur during the close part of the elliptical orbit around Earth, called perigee. This is 30,000 miles closer and will appear larger and brighter than normal, thus being labeled a super moon or mega supermoon.

The orbit of the moon is not always the same, and this will be the closest of the century. In fact, this will be the closest and largest appearance of the on Earth moon since January 26 1948, and it will not be nearly this close again until November 25, 2034.

14% larger and 30% brighter


Image via Marco Langbroek, the Netherlands, via Wikimedia Commons

When to watch

10353706_10152812409538476_4466472226257602535_nTimes below are for the moon rise in the Baltimore area. Please note, that is you are along the coast, this will be a few minutes earlier. But it can be up to 30 minutes later if you are in the mountains, or in an area where the eastern sky is blocked by hills, trees, or buildings.

To get the best photos, it is best to capture the moon with contrast to some object on the ground for contrast.

Sunday- 4:41 PM

Yes, this seems really early! But, the sunset is at 4:53 PM today. Photographers also see: Shooting the moon during the blue hour

Monday 5:27 PM 

Sunset will be at 4:52 PM. This will look nearly identical to Sunday’s rise, except the sky will be darker.

Things To Think About About What The Moon Affects

moon_plane_sebastiaenlebrigan2High Tides– Force of gravitational pull on the oceans can be even stronger making for larger than normal tides swings.

Personalities – The gravitational force is believed to affect our bodies which are mostly water… but also hormones released and brain chemistry. Your children might be extra wild. Many first responders often note activity increases around a full moon.

Earthquakes – This is a theory I have pointed out many timesaver the years. The gravitational pull on oceans and also affect the mantle or molten rick under Earth’s crust and tectonic plates. Many large quakes have occurred within 48 hours of full moon.


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