Lexi Hack Update: No Crutches And Faith In The Flowers Fundraiser Goal

Lexi Hack Update: No Crutches And Faith In The Flowers Fundraiser Goal

LexiSchoolTuesday May 3 2016 – Today I finally got to visit Lexi Hack at Glenelg High School. This was actually a few weeks later than I had hoped due to my own kids getting sick. But it was worth the wait. Lexi had already returned back to school since her April 12th surgery to remove the rods from her legs. She was a bit tired and overwhelmed at first just getting back to her routine. The delay in my visit allowed for two things. First, as you can see, Lexi’s brothers and friends helped to show off her ‘look mom, no crutches’ look today. That in and of itself would be a great goal. She is, after all, a typical 16 year old girl looking forward to spring, The Color Run later this month, and the prom.  But there is more… Her other goal was our Faith in the Flowers  fundraiser. She wanted to raise $2,500. Today I was able to present the check for the money many of you have helped us raise through shirts and tote bags. To date, the total has been


LexiTeachersWoo-Hoo! This entire campaign was Lexi’s idea to give back to the Save A Limb Fund at Sinai Hospital. It was that program that paid for her gait analysis study that her mother’s health insurance would not cover. That is what was alb to determine the precise issue with her legs so that Dr. Herzenberg could accurately do his thing and save her legs. He did, and Lexi’s goal was to raise the same cost of the study for someone else to have the same benefit.

Thank you all who have supported! You can still get in on the action. Faith in the Flowers shirts and tote bags are still available online at this link. Also

Flower and Jazz Main Street Festival in Westminster this Saturday May 7. Bowman’s will be selling the gear.

The Maryland Store on Rt 32 in Carroll County.

Faith in the Flowers- For Save A Limb Fund. Join Lexi Hack

Help me support 16 year old Lexi’s fundraiser to give back to the program that is helping fix her legs. Teachers: Order 10 or more and shipping will be free!

These shirts (baseball T comes with red or black sleeves) and eco-friendly Tote Bag come with a bracelet to help raise money for 16 yr old Lexi Hack’s Fundraiser.  She wants to give back to Sinai Hospital and the program that paid for the procedures. Please consider joining us:

FITFlowers Gear

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