Lexi Hack Sees Rods From Her Legs And Sinai Has FITFlowers

Lexi Hack Sees Rods From Her Legs And Sinai Has FITFlowers

Lexi_RodsTuesday April 26 – Imagine you are a 16 year old girl just going to the hospital for a post-operation check up. That was the situation for Lexi Hack today. It’s been a few weeks after her fifth and final surgery to fix her legs. All she wants to do is get well and move on with life. I sat in the waiting room on one side of her and her mother Jill was on the other side at Sinai’s Rubin Institute in Baltimore. Jill said she had asked her surgeon Dr. Herzenberg to save the rods that were screwed into her legs (femur bone) so they could see. I blurted out, “Cool!” Lexi was grossed out. Guess what? It was cool!

I love this photo of Lexi because it proves that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine seeing the ‘things’ that were inside your body and ‘fixed you’. She finally warmed to the idea of seeing the titanium rods that screwed to her legs to reshape them. What did it? The colors were her favorite, purple and green. So while sort of disgusted, she was amazed as well. The whole thing is simply amazing.

I would hang them over the fireplace. Her mom wants to make a sculpture. Lexi actually suggested putting them in a flower pot. THAT may be the winner you can see it this weekend or make your own suggestion to her.

Lexi and I joined forces to help raise money for the Save a Limb Fund (SAL) that paid for her procedures at Sinai. She wanted to give back and pay it forward for someone else. My friend Lauren Townsend (who designed Faith in the Flakes) made the Faith in the Flowers art work. Shirts been on sale for a month along with bracelets, with proceeds  going to SAL. We will be at The Maryland Store off Rt 32 in Westminster this Saturday between noon and 2 PM to share our stories and sell more shirts. We hope to see you there.

I will visit Lexi with her friends at Glenelg High School tomorrow (Wednesday) to help share the joy of her progress. I will post pics online and hope you can share yours as well to show your support. Below are more photos from our visit today with some of the other important people we saw. But first,

Faith in the Flowers- For Save A Limb Fund: Join Lexi Hack

Help me support 16 year old Lexi’s fundraiser to give back to the program that is helping fix her legs. Teachers: Order 10 or more for your school and shipping will be free!

These shirts (baseball T comes with red or black sleeves) and eco-friendly Tote Bag come with a bracelet to help raise money for 16 yr old Lexi Hack’s Fundraiser.  She wants to give back to Sinai Hospital and the program that paid for the procedures. Please consider joining us:

FITFlowers Gear


Photo Op:

Marilyn Richardson, Renee Hunter, Nurse Danielle, Lexi and mom Jill. The hospital has embraced Faith in the Flowers


Catch Up: See Lexi’s full story here

The man, myth, and legend Dr. Herzenberg. He truly is a nice man and humble about his genius. What a blessing he has been to the Hacks and countless other families.


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