20 Top Snow Photos From April 9 2016

20 Top Snow Photos From April 9 2016

AlexandriaApril 9 2016- We are almost three weeks deep into spring and snow dominated our Saturday. This was a well advertised event as I was not the only one to suggest it last week. However the intensity and stickage across Pennsylvania and into southern Maryland, and even Virginia was a surprise. The snow drifts in the mountains you will see below would be impressive in any season. So much that some of these photos are stunning and worth a few moments to scroll down and see.

One thing I want to say (again) for the record is that Punxsutawney Phil was very wrong!  I still can’t understand how ‘the groundhog’ could have suggested an early spring when it was clear on the morning of February 2 in western PA.

GraupelCloseUpNeedless to say, the snow cam down in squalls at times, and for many there were two things in common. First, the snow that did stick didn’t stay long. Once the snow stopped, the April sun angle and warm ground melted it quickly. The other thing was the type of snow. These little snowballs are called graupel. The form when a warm pocket of air melts the edges of the flakes, but then it refreezes. The result are what looks like dippin-dot ice cream, or styrofoam. They are natural, but was a shock to many who thought it was strange hail. Enjoy the pictures and help me say thanks to those that shared by sharing with your friends.

Snowy Spring Saturday

My boys had their baseball Little League opener postponed, but it looks like Lax practice went on.



Golf? I know this is not Tony Pann, but there are others who will stop at nothing to play


Southern Maryland:

This was the largest snowman of the year made by the DePaulo family in Prince George’s County Maryland. This was with about 3 inches of heavy wet snowfall.



Waldorf Seemed to get the most intense snow band












You would expect snow there, but this much?

Snow Drifts over a foot high



FITF Snow Stick still in use



Mid Atlantic Areal  Drone Photos

Snow April 9 Maryland Mountains1


Snow April 9 Maryland Mountains2



Northern Maryland







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