February 22 6 AM Update- There is a full moon today at 1:20 PM EST that rises in central Maryland at 6 PM. It’s called the snow moon in February, but what makes it more special is the date.  My friend Tony Pann follows numerology and called me last week while I was at a school delivering FITF shirts to share this nugget of info: When you see the repeating numbers 2-2-2 together, it means ‘keep the faith’. So according to him, we could call this the Faith in the Flakes Moon.  Love it! Considering the warm pattern and severe storm risk this week, you will need your FITF, but we still have some snow in the mix and plenty of winter left. But this week will be warm and likely the first in a while with schools unaffected by the weather.

After a sunny and dry day near 50°F today, the rain returns after midnight. There is a small chance that is starts with snow far inland, but the freezing line seems to no be a factor Tuesday morning. The warm air and rain will win.

Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_23_27


Wet and Stormy Week:

Rain will fall on the warmer end of a strong Ohio Valley storm.  The first wave arrives Tuesday, but Wednesday is when we could see flooding. In fact, there is a chance for thunderstorms helping to add to our rain totals. Here is the timeline (slider–>)

[metaslider id=34688]



There are two things to point out with this storm. First, the risk of severe storms along the Gulf of Mexico will shift to the Mid Atlantic Wednesday. Then the back edge of the storm will bring in colder air with some light wrap around snow.

There has been a trend for systems to push farther north, so the severe storm risk could be expanded into central Maryland. If not, we still can see some strong thunderstorms and flooding rain Wednesday.


Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_30_09


Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_30_32


Flooding Possible: Total Rainfall Up Through Thursday

Note that this is less that the image I showed yesterday since we have already had some rain

Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_31_37


Ending With Snow?

Don’t get too excited as the ground will be warm and there is not enough moisture to cause much impact. Best chance for stickage will be in the colder hills and mountains… and it will be light at best.

Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_25_16


Next Week:

One reason I don’t often show long range outlooks for potential snow is that the modeling has not been that great this winter. The only exception has been the blizzard. Otherwise, we see possible snow events that change timing and track, so the don’t verify as first shown. That said, here is the latest storm next week that is trending farther north… so the hint of snow needs some help to do anything around here. But it is something to watch. I do see more winter and snow for us with a month left in the season.


Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_27_38

Temperature Outlook:

Screen Shot2016-02-22 05_28_13


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