June 20 2020

Summer just began in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun reaches the highest latitude of the year. The next show will be a solar eclipse, but visible on the other side of the planet.  We can watch it right here thanks to live video streams.

The ‘Ring Of Fire’ is actually and annular eclipse. This is when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, but does not completely block out the sun. Due to the distance of the moon, 99.4% of the sun will be blocked this time around. This will allow a ring around the edge to be visible, like a ring of fire.

ring of fire eclipse NASA



A Solar Eclipse: When the moon passed between the sun and Earth casting a shadow on the planet. This is usually a very narrow band.

Solar Eclipse


Understanding  Solar Eclipse Types

  • Total: Moon completely blocks the sun
  • Partial: Moon covers part of the sun
  • Annular: Moon covers the sun, but appears smaller (when farther in orbit).
  • Hybrid: When the distance is on the edge so some of the path gets an annular and other lucky regions get total coverage.


When is this happening?

11:45 PM the eclipse begins when it is eastern United States. But not much will be able to be seen at the start.

1:00 AM Sun Jun 21, many webcasts begin.

2:40 AM Sun Jun 21 PEAK ECLIPSE.

5:34 AM Sun Jun 21 End.


Where is this happening?

Solar Eclipse Map June 21 2020


How To View It

Free Channels: Most going live around 12 AM Sunday June 21 EDT

YouTube: timeanddate.com

This will cover the entire path of where the annular eclipse will traverse.



YouTube: Sirsa, India

From Sirsa, India in the center line of the the eclipse. This is broadcast by Ajay Talwar, an astrophotographer and famous global eclipse chaser.


YouTube: International Astronomical Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE

This location will see a 93% eclipse.


YouTube: Indian Astronomical Observatory, Ladakh

From the third highest observatory in the world on top of Mt. Saraswati in Hanle. This location will be 90% coverage.


YouTube: Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, India

This area will have a 27% partials eclipse.



Virtual Telescope Project:

This will be a calibration of observers across Africa and Asia. See it here starting at 12:30 AM



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