April 17 2019

New amazing videos from Maryland as a fireball lit up the night sky over the Mid Atlantic Tuesday night. The collection of information has pointed to the timing of the meteor event at 10:57 PM on April 16, 2019. It was traveling north to south from New Jersey to the Atlantic Ocean where it burned up east of the Delaware beaches. So anyone in our region that happened to be facing east at that time was able to see what we now have on new videos. There have been reports of this being viewed form New England to North Carolina.

Thurmont Maryland

These two amazing views of the fireball was captured in Thurmont Maryland from Kaitlyn Wheeler. This was about 150 miles away from the meteor falling over the Atlantic Ocean.

Video 1 of 2

Look how bright this was


Video 2 of 2


Ocean City Police Department

Pfc. Nathan Kutz captured this on his dash cam.

This is the brightest display and matched many descriptions of the color green. This correlates with the proximity of the location mapped by The American Meteor Society. That color also is indicative that there was nickel present. That metal glows green when burning in the high temperatures as this object falls through our atmosphere.



Sightings Reported: Heat Map From The American Meteor Society 

Earlier Report:

A meteor streaked across the sky over the Mid Atlantic overnight and three videos below show it. According to the American Meteor Society, there are now 360 reports that witnessed the light show just before 11 PM on Tuesday April 16. The majority of reports came from Washington DC. But the viewing area included Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The collaboration of reports suggested this started from Vineland, NJ and traveled south over the Atlantic before burning out east of the Delaware beaches.


Videos Captured The Event

Leesburg, VA

Celest Linthincum said her nephew saw it. Perhaps this was him we can hear with excitement on the video.


Another Dashcam

This was uploaded to the American Meteor Society from C Stearns, but the location was not given.


Manassas Virginia: Drive Thru

Danniel Rodarte captured this. Please turn the audio down if viewing at work or in front of children (at school) as the excitement got the better of him.


Observation Map

Some reports were as far as New England and North Carolina.


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