Monday November 26 2018

The Blizzard charging through the midwest is exceeding expectations. After hitting Kansas City with their worst storm in years, Chicago got their share overnight. A meteorologist off duty from NWS, recorded video from his home just as lightning and thunder snow hit. Turn up the volume as you will see the flash, then hear wind mixed in the thunder…



That Blizzard is spinning itself out and losing some punch as it spreads across Michigan and into upstate New York. Lake Effect snow will be the big story behind this storm during the week. That will include snow in western Maryland and the ski resorts of WV and western PA  beginning later today.

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Local Weather Stats For November 25 in Baltimore

Average High:  52ºF

Record High: 72ºF in 1979

Average  Low: 34ºF

Record Low:  15ºF in 1950

                         *Record Snow:  4.5″ in 1898 

Sunrise: 7:01 AM

Sunset 4:45 PM 

*Daylight = 1:29 shorter than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 47ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House 

Record Rain Year Update:



Morning SnapShot


Radar Loop

Check out that circulation in the upper left in northern Indiana. That is the core Low of the storm. Note- this is not color coded for winter precipitation.


Radar Simulation —> slider

Rain will be spotty, but may be heavy on the Eastern Shore this afternoon.  Following the storm, heavy snow will develop across western Maryland and West Virginia.

[metaslider id=68876]


High Temperatures 


Storm Animation

After this storm, we have a dry week with the cold air. The next event will be Friday that may start with ice in the mountains. This needs to be monitored for timing. The last few events came in faster, and that could time up with the cold air for more areas.



Temperature Outlook

There will be another warm up ahead of the pattern change. This European Model does tend to overdo extremes with temps, so that 68ºF might be a little warmer than we end up. Something to look forward to anyway for those that don’t want winter to arrive.


North Atlantic Oscillation 

We will get our pattern change to show up between December 5 and 8 as the GFS shows a crashing NAO deep into negative territory.

I will not get more specific at this time as it is too early to pin down individual storms. But the pattern becomes more favorable at this time.


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