Friday May 25 2018

H is good, L is bad. That is the simple approach to weather a friend of mine had years ago. Well, the big H is on the map and it is dominating our weather with a clear sky and now returning warmer winds. Today will be sunny for commencement at the US Naval Academy and other area institutions. It may be hot in the sun, but great for outdoor plans. It would be great if this could continue all weekend, but we have a few changes on the way. I want to simplify this forecast for your benefit and planning. First, There will likely be a tropical storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico, but that is NOT directly impacting our weather. The storm itself will linger in the deep south, but may wander our way by the end of next week.

What we will get is moisture to feed into our region Saturday with afternoon showers, Sunday with more widespread rain and storms. Monday may show some improvement for central Maryland and PA, but with clouds and cooler temps. The beaches may hold on to drizzle or rain Monday.

More details below:

Stats For May 25 in Baltimore

Average High:  76ºF

Record High: 94ºF in 1991

Average  Low: 55ºF

Record Low: 38ºF in 1956

Sunrise: 5:45 AM

Sunset 8:21 PM

*Daylight = 1:26 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 69ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House


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This Morning

This Afternoon


Saturday Showers —> slider

[metaslider id=62580]



Rain Animation: Sunday into Monday


Tropical Storm (Alberto a 70% chance to form by Saturday, 90% over the weekend)


The Low Pressure may make landfall in Florida’s western panhandle. Then crawl across the south into Louisiana through Wednesday…. That is when it may turn and make a move in our direction. The heaviest rain will be in Florida this weekend.


Temperature Outlook


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