Eastern Shore Love: Faith In The Fog

Eastern Shore Love: Faith In The Fog

fogfinalHere is my way to bridge a gap I first noticed in Maryland when I started working on TV in Baltimore nearly 20 years ago. The Chesapeake Bay does split the state in half, and the weather is very different on either side. Let’s be honest, I am a snow lover and they don’t get that as many flakes on the Eastern Shore. But what they do get is plenty of fog being located between the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, this is fog season as the nights gets longer and cooler, while the water is slower to chill.

Due to a tragic bus accident many years ago, the Eastern Shore Schools have a policy of delays when the fog is thick enough to lower visibility. If we kept track, I bet they get more of these delays than snow delays in central Maryland. Today, the benefit is safety plus some extra time for teachers and students to sleep in.

I wanted to show some love and respect to the Eastern Shore by designing this new Faith in the Fog shirt with beach artist Brendan Medairy. I am staying with local printers as well, and we are doing our best to cost of the color print down. We have regular Ts, V-necks, and even a light weigh hoodie. We also have kids sizes if you want to get the students involved.

A portion of the sales will go to support Chesapeake Bay Foundation in my goal in the 10K Across the Bay.

I want to visit your school:

Due to logistics, I can not make every school. But we have built in incentive for group sales like our Flakes last year.

If you order

  • 40 or more, I will personally deliver to your school
  • 25 and you will be entered into a lottery for personal delivery
  • 20 items or more and all deliveries will be free


Of course I still want to show off your school online, so groups pics are suggested.

Check out the online store and let me know what you think. Note that our prior printer has closed down shop. But long time Maryland icon CR Daniels is helping with my production this year. Faith in the Flakes items plus some new stuff will be available in November.

Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media

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