Trek Across Maryland: Day 7 for Sansa Richards

Trek Across Maryland: Day 7 for Sansa Richards

Saturday August 13 2016 – Sharptown and on to finish in Ocean City around 2 PMGrou Day 7

This 7th and final day of my 3rd Trek Across Maryland will be be so gratifying and emotional, but also refreshing to end in the Ocean City water.  We still have to make a long 48 mile trip in dangerous heat! A Heat Advisory is in effect for this part of Maryland, while an Excessive Heat Warning is posted for much of Maryland and Delaware to our north. Temps again will reach the 90s to 100°F and Heat Index values could be over 109°F. I want to assure you and my team that we will be drinking plenty of fluids and have cold towels on ice for relief.  Today is mostly bike ride, so being elevated and moving faster is better that the hiking we did the past two days. We will still be careful and conscious of everyone’s health. I hope you do the same.

The trip from Sharptown to Ocean City 48 miles of mostly flat terrain and we will get some cooler winds closer to the water.  Much of the trip is along Rt 50, but we will track through Salisbury for a few miles.  The plan is to ride until just before the bridge into OC. We will dismount and then hike the final few miles to finish on our feet. That will allow our truck to get ahead of us in expected traffic, but also soak in the scenery and experience. I finish on my feet to represent my recovery as a teenager and what I want all of these Cool Kids to do as well. Finish strong!  We plan to finish around 2 PM and would love to see you join our crew at the Inlet Beach. You will see the orange shirts, and a donation can get you dressed in one to joint us. Track us Live on the Trek Page, but please read this story first…

Map Day7


Sansa Richards

  • Age 4
  • Type of Cancer: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)
  • Lives in Baltimore, MD

Day 7 Sansa Saturday Aug 13Sansa Richard is four years old and a fighter. Born in Hungary, Sansa was placed into adoption services immediately after her birth. When she was eleven months old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. She endured a full year of rigorous chemotherapy rounds in the Hungarian foster care system before finding her forever family in Baltimore, Maryland. Sansa spent the next two years connecting with her parents, getting familiar with a new country and language, and winning the fight against cancer.

Needless to say, Sansa had a very “rough start.” But the obstacles have done nothing to quench her spirit. She consistently smiles through the adversities, and never lets the uncomfortable procedures or needle pokes slow her down. Dr. Kohler, Nurse Julie, and the entire pediatric oncology staff at Johns Hopkins have all been paramount in helping Sansa beat leukemia for good.

Sansa and her family are honored to be a voice for the Cool Kids Campaign.



Note that the donation page I am sending you is my portion of the team. This is a collective effort and every penny goes to Cool Kids Campaign for programs that benefit pediatric patients and their families.

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Tri Sports Junction

Margie Neighoff rejoins the trek team after after gritting out the 27 mile hike and 25 mile bike yesterday! That was tough! We will be joined by Francis Moats and Patty Engler all representatives of Tri Sport Junction. I must thank Donna and Jane for being so supporting with their time and team effort. As of this morning, they have already raised $6,775


  • Trek Home Page– includes live tracking and more background stories.

Live broadcasts will be on Facebook. Most photos throughout the day will be posted on Twitter and Instagram. Videos will be posted on YouTube.


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All proceeds will go to Cool Kids Campaign


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