Trek Across Maryland: Day 6 Cyrus Ramsey Hiatt

Trek Across Maryland: Day 6 Cyrus Ramsey Hiatt

Friday August 12 2016 – Eastern Shore

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HeatAdvAug12This 6th day of my Trek Across Maryland is going to be tough during a Heat Advisory. But as bad as it will get with temps in the upper 90s and Heat Index over 100°F, this is out choice! The kids don’t have a choice to be sick. So no complaining from us, but we will be smart with hydration and frequent cooling stops. Please do the same for your own safety outside today.

I have two new trekkers with fresh legs and a great attitude. Margie and Ken will join me as we depart from the memorial at Grasonville and work through Wye Mills, then east of Easton on our way to Sharptown… at the Fireman’s Festival. It’s a longer day with more biking on the back end for a total of 47 miles to put us 285 miles along the trek by the end of the day. Track us live and make your pledge via our Trek Page.

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Cyrus Ramsey Hiatt

  • 5 Years Old
  • Type of Cancer: Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
  • Lives in Baltimore, MD

In his  parent’s words…

Day 6 Cyrus Friday, Aug 12Cyrus is 5 years old, and has one sister Eve who is 3. Cyrus was born on August 4, 2010 at GBMC. Cyrus loves superhero’s, and has proven to be one himself with how he has fought his diagnosis of leukemia. He was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Sept. 30, 2015. Cyrus has been such an inspiration to our family and friends. He has bravely endured numerous Chemo treatments, countless spinal taps, side effects from chemo; such as neuropathy pain, needing physical therapy for walking, nausea, blood transfusions, surgery to insert a port into his chest (which he will have for at least the next four years), problems with eating, and more.

Through everything, Cyrus has been so brave and strong, accepting everything the doctor’s need to do, and rolling with it. He has kept up his kindergarten studies, and was able to graduate with his class on May 19, 2016 even though he had to miss the entire year due to intense Chemotherapy. He will be able to start this coming school year in first grade with his friends. He still has 2 and a half years of treatment left, and we are blessed to have Dr. Brown and his team at Hopkins as our oncology team. Cyrus loves to play baseball, and he and his dad play ball almost every night. Cyrus also loves to swim, and is usually in the pool any day it is sunny. Cy loves his little sister, and is always excited to tell her all about his visits to the hospital, and “teach” her about cancer and about how your blood works. Cyrus wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and loves to play cops and robbers. Our family is honored that Justin has asked us to be a part of his cause for the Cool Kids Campaign. 

Hiatt Family- This is my honor and our trek team will make him proud today.

Note that the donation page I am sending you is my portion of the team. This is a collective effort and every penny goes to Cool Kids Campaign for programs that benefit pediatric patients and their families.

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Tri Sports Junction

Margie Neighoff steps in to represent Tri Sport Junction. Also, my friend Ken Mihalyov who is a science teacher at Westminster West MS and top fundraiser for my Wind for Change program. Over 6 years he has helped raise nearly $30,000 for Cool Kids Campaign.


  • Trek Home Page– includes live tracking and more background stories.

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