Stunning Sunrise And Cool Clouds March 12 Morning

Stunning Sunrise And Cool Clouds March 12 Morning

1914532_10208750286738358_7743986258066094155_nSaturday March 12 – We broke the string of warm sunny days during the week with a cool start to the weekend that featured some unwelcome rain showers. But before they arrived, a truly stunning sunrise greeted early risers on this last morning of standard time before turning the Daylight Saving Time. There were so many incredible photos shared with me this morning, that I wanted to put the top 12 photos in this collection… in no particular order.

Many of these showed the view looking east as the clouds were advancing from the south. So they covered half the sky from right moving to the left. The timing was perfect to capture the color form the sun refracting in the atmosphere while part of the sky was clear and unaffected.  Some other interesting features showed up this morning as well. In addition to the ripples, there was the rare possible hole punch/fall streak in Ocean City. Please check back and let us know which one is your favorite.

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Refraction Shadow:

Look closely here and you will see what appear to be an orange/brown shadow. This is a unique capture Jullie Ann saw with the shadow of the advancing clouds also showed some filtered sunlight that from a distance took on that tint. Underneath it would have looked unimpressive, but from a distance we get the refraction.



Ocean City:



Hole Punch?

This hole in the clouds over the Assawoman Bay looked incredible with its reflection on the water. This may have been a hole punch or Fall Streak. That is when a plane passes through the clouds and forced condensation that precipitates out like dominos in a circular pattern. See a more definitive display of that we experienced over a year ago locally in this report.







Glowing Contrail

This view over Annapolis from professional photographer Jennifer Casey shows an optical illusion. The bright straight line appears to go straight up, but it is traversing across the sky.  This was just before sunrise, so the higher altitude plane reflected the sunlight while the lower clouds where still in pre-dawn darkness.


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