Top 13 Cherry Blossom Photos From 2016 Peak Bloom

Top 13 Cherry Blossom Photos From 2016 Peak Bloom

1CherryBlossoms_BetterFowlerMarch 25 2016- The Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC have reached their peak bloom just in time for Easter Weekend. With more than 70% of the flowers bursting with color around the Tidal Basin, the annual celebration of the start of Spring is here. This collection is likely to grow as more photographers find the perfect angle, lighting, and timing. This first photo from Betty Horne Fowler was at sunrise on  Thursday. The Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monuments are tow of the most well known framed images. But each picture has its own personality. Please enjoy the gallery below, and at some angles the trees look like they are filled with snow.

After three years in a row with late blooms around April 10, this year’s early bloom is the result of a relative mild winter, despite our all time record snowstorm on in January. This is also confirmation that the National Parks Service was right on that the mild start to winter and semi-bloom in December (see more here) would not damage the tree.

Here are a dozen more pics to get your fix… in no particular order.

Looks like snow…



Pete Taylor- One of my favorites for framing and focus



Chris Honcharik – A different framing with focus on the Jefferson Memorial



Close Ups:




5 Fine Photos From My Friend Jim Schuyler

He has been sharing Cherry Blossom photos with me for many years, and they never get old.









Jennifer Sturgill- Sunset



Rachel Chenoweth-


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