Spring Thing: This Week May Be Warmer For Longer

Spring Thing: This Week May Be Warmer For Longer

Screen Shot2016-03-06 07_58_26Sunday March 6- There was a coating of snow in some spots overnight, but that system is moving out. In fact, this may be the last taste of winter for a while. I am not ready to call it a season though. As the jet stream buckles with El Nino taking charge of the Pacific to the west coast, warm air will build east. The net result will be a locked extreme weather pattern that will make it feel like mid spring for us, but devastating rain and storms for California and the south central US. When a pattern like this develops, we often end up with a stretch of days that end up warmer, for longer than first expected. Next week we turn the clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time, official Spring is still two weeks away, but it will feel like it in just a few days:

Here’s a look at the jet stream pattern at the end of the week:

Screen Shot2016-03-06 07_57_42


Weather Map:

While we enjoy warm, dry, and quiet weather, severe storms and flooding rain will focus on ester Texas to the lower Mississippi River Valley. This map reminds me of last May. A month of locked storms led to devastating floods in this region.. then the focus shifted to the Mid Atlantic in June.  Should we be in for a repeat, I hesitate to suggest we could be in for a stormy spring.

Screen Shot2016-03-06 07_52_50

Temperature Surge:

Screen Shot2016-03-06 07_54_03

Baltimore Almanac Numbers This Week:

  • Monday March 7: Average Hi 51°F; Record 76°F in 1974
  • Tuesday March 8: Average Hi 51°F; Record 83°F in 2000
  • Wednesday March 9: Average Hi 51°F; Record 77°F in 2006
  • Thursday March 10: Average Hi 52°F; Record 75°F in 1967
  • Friday March 11: Average Hi 52°F; Record 86°F in 1990

The best chance to challenge a record this week will be Wednesday and Thursday


Temperature Outlook:

These are only model suggested temperatures. I believe we will see high temperatures in Baltimore higher that shown here during the warm surge. Even after the 70s… temps stay mild through this 10 day period.

Screen Shot2016-03-06 08_00_19

There still could be one more cold snap in the second half of March.

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