Snow Showers Then Spring Surges In Next Week

Snow Showers Then Spring Surges In Next Week

Saturday March 5- Was yesterday winter’s last stand? Well, there is one more shot of snow showers tonight, then the pattern makes an abrupt change. The large view focus is back on El Nino and the river of storms off of the Pacific Ocean that will slam into California and the west coast. They need it, but they don’t need the problems with flooding and mudslides that will follow. But as it often the weather case: Stormy Out West, East Gets The Best. This is what next week looks like:

Screen Shot2016-03-05 07_23_14


Snow Tonight?

But first, we must deal with a little clipper tonight. I am showing the upper level pattern since I don’t think the modeling is handling this well. But in short, plan for rain showers this evening. Then a chance to snow showers tonight as temperatures cool down. There is a chance for a dusting to maybe a lucky 1 inch on the ground Sunday morning. However, back into the upper 40s Sunday afternoon.

Screen Shot2016-03-05 07_18_17

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Spring Surges In!

Here is a look at the jet stream transition over the next week. This is the 500 mb at roughly 18,000 Ft above the ground. It shows the temperature anomaly above and below normal. But rather than get into the fine details, the color coding really tells the storm. Glide through the slider and see how warm air spreads, then dominates the eastern US next week.


[metaslider id=35164]

Temperature Outlook:

Modeling often has trouble judging the warm ups in spring. I believe we will end up warm than shown here. Which means at least 3 days of 70F or better. I think we could make a run for 75°F at least one day. The pattern appears to be locked in for a while, but I would not ignore that notion that there could be one more shot of cold air this month. But for the most part, this is a spring thing.

Screen Shot2016-03-05 07_14_22

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