Blizzard Clean Up: Notes On My First Trip To Town

Blizzard Clean Up: Notes On My First Trip To Town

PlowJanuary 25 2016 – Whether cabin fever has set it, or just my years in the snow belt central New York, I could not wait to get out and explore.  Two days after receiving 31 inches of snow from Blizzard 2016, the plow finally made another pass down my street. I knew that once I cleared the wall of snow he left behind, I could get my car out and be on my way.  But is it safe for general traffic? What is the condition of the local school lots?

There is life!  I stopped by a few places along the way to show my family my experience, and I want to share with you as well. This is just an example of what an average town probably looks like today. conditions can vary, so this is just one account to add into the mix of information overload in our snow coma. In fact this first photo was at a gas station where the wall of snow was as high as the truck.  Please keep in mind that there is a difference between you making a single trip to the convenience store and a full force of life returning to normal. If there is an emergency, many like me can get out. But there is a lot of work left to be done.

First: My car…

I left my car out of my garage to make room for the impromptu generator I purchased Friday, but have not needed yet. Not worries. My Subaru is like a dog and loves the snow, so I knew my buddy would be OK under that large pile.  I even recruited my 6 year old to help dig…



Employing Child Labor To Dig

He was compensated very well with treats an lots of hill time to sleigh ride.



On the neighborhood streets….

It still looks like a toboggan course. Think of two and a half feet of snow PLUS the additional pile on top from the plow.  It does help to have an all wheel drive vehicle, because it was slippery.

I must confess- That nearly 3 Ft pile of snow was still on my roof. I could not reach it. So I left the heat on and quickly the bottom melted enough so that it all slid off.



Can’t See Around Corners

When there are one or to cars at a time, you can navigate. But it is tough to see what might be coming when there ae snow piles almost as high as the Stop Signs.







Town Roads: Down To Pavement

IMG_4698This was a relief to see the ground again. Well sort of, I do want to keep the snow for a while. It is winter after all.

The well traveled Snow Emergency Routes are in good shape… which leads to highways and interstates that are fine. Again, should there be an emergency, many of us should be fine.


I realize living in the city is a different story. The narrow streets with cars packed like sardines on a good day, now have to dig out and around. That can take days…


Local Schools

IMG_4703It was good that I ventured out solo. When I went to the local school parking  lots, they have been cleared rather well. For a moment I thought… the kids might go back tomorrow. As I turned back home, I was trying to figure out how to break this to my boys. But then again, I don’t want them home forever. With a stroke of literary timing, I got the call form our Superintendent and found out that schools were cancelled for Tuesday. Whew! Crisis averted. I can come home the hero.

Truth be known, it was a great call… The main roads might be in fine shape. The school lots are clear… Heck, it is January and the kids should deal with snow and ice like we did outside. But it really is hard to see around corners. Imagine a kid or bunch of them waiting at a bus stop.  If that is the primary cause, I wonder when the snow will settle enough to be safe for them.

I hope you are playing it safe and just enjoy the time together.

Please share your thoughts, best weather pics/video, or just keep in touch via social media

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