This is a follow up to report I wrote in October of 2015 about the strong El Nino, winter snow, and the history of Baltimore Orioles post season success. After analyzing the stats, I found a connection that might justify the recent $161 million contract Chris Davis signed with the Baltimore Orioles. No, his contract is not weather related, but he might contribute to something special for baseball fans. But heck, we just had an epic historic snowstorm during a full moon. Anything can happen… Would you believe that above normal snowfall measured at BWI in  a strong El Nino year might be connected to the Orioles winning the World Series? It’s happened before, and now after the record snowfall from the Blizzard of 2016 dropped 29.2 inches of snow on the airport, we can test the theory.

From my October report:

The Orioles Post Season Baseball Connection

This is where is gets fun, if you are a local baseball fan. Looking at these El Nino years, I realized they all included the Orioles in the post season.  But only two of them they won the World Series! However, those were also years the snowfall at BWI was at least 150% of average (in the 30 inch range instead of 20 inches).

*After the blizzard of 2016 dropped 29.2 inches of snow on BWI, the seasonal total was 30 inches. That is in the same category of the other strong El Nino winters prior to the Oriole’s winning baseball season. The image below was updated at the end of  the winter season to show the total seasonal snowfall:

  • 1966 World Series Win over the Dodgers- After an above normal snowy winter
  • 1983 World Series Win over the Phillies- After an above normal snowy winter

Both World Series wins occurred in the baseball season AFTER the El Nino that brought snow well above Baltimore’s normal of 20″-22″.  The other two years the Os made the playoffs, but…

  • 1973 they lost to the A’s  – AFTER the El Nino winter that was the second lowest snow
  • 1997 they lost to the Indians – BEFORE the El Nino winter that brought the 3rd lowest snowfall.

Faith in the Flakes*

Now that we have a season in the 30 inch of snow range… If the Orioles make it to the post season, the pattern shows that they should win the World Series. If you go to Vegas and place a bet, please keep me in mind 😉

Sorry- I’ve got nothing for the Ravens.  Let’s hope to forget last season and move on.

I should point out that ‘correlation is not causation’. That is a standard scientific and mathematical mantra. There is not necessarily a connection between El Nino and winter snow to baseball. Even in Baltimore.

See my original October 2015 report on this here.

El Nino

It is NOT Chris Farley, but I am compelled to show this every time I mention it…



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