Record Snow Report At Baltimore: Waiting For Storm Total

Record Snow Report At Baltimore: Waiting For Storm Total

January 23, 8:44 PM- When I first used the word epic to describe the event back on Wednesday, I didn’t want to blow this out of proportion. I think we can all agree that it fits rather well now.  The Blizzard of 2016 may be winding down, but the numbers are still adding up and coming in. The official final storm total is not in yet, but there is a record for the date.

  • Baltimore broke the single day snowfall record of 11.5 inches set in 1935


Single Storm Total Top Spot

  • 29.2″

In fact we had that in the morning.  The most impressive thing about this event is that most took place in a 24 to 30 hour period. The other events were spread over multiple days.  This is the all time top single storm snowfall record for Baltimore (in under 3 days). As of this report, it was still snowing….

In the chart here, you will see I put an * next to storms in 2010, 2009, 2006, and 2003. That is because NWS went back and lowered the original totals based on a different technique used. So some of my older charts including the all time top event in 2003 were adjusted.

Faith in the Flakes

Over 33 inches has fallen in paces like Frederick, and the foot and a half totals extend all the way up to New York City and beyond. This will likely rank as the top storm on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, even while falling on a weekend.  Considering the simultaneous heavy snow, versus a storm that continues to move up the coast is what makes this most impressive.

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Last Snowfall Forecast

For the Baltimore/Washington Region

Many into the 30 inch range. This may be something we never see again. Enjoy it!


But how much snow?

The official snowfall totals at National Weather Service Offices are reported every 6 hours. As of post time, I was still searching for the 7 PM update, but the government meteorologists are very busy. What I want to point out is that snowfall reports I have been showing all day are spotter reports that can be spread over many hours and list older data. That is one frustrating thing, reporting some snow totals that are many hours old and obviously wrong on a map with more current readings.  This was the latest report plotted on the regional map. Is your area missing? See more below



Regional Totals:

If you read my reports and notice missing data for southern Pennsylvania, Cecil County, the Eastern Shore, or others… This is because as a Baltimore centric meteorologist (I was on TV there for 14 years), I know the NWS Baltimore Washington regional office well. The missing data is because other weather offices cover those areas. This map shows a broad brush of snow reports from all regional offices.




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