Blizzard 2016: Storm Reforming For Track Up Coast

Blizzard 2016: Storm Reforming For Track Up Coast

SurfaceMap130PMFriJanuary 22- Now the the first flakes are moving in, I wanted to give another look at the storm formation before the full force of the blizzard warning kicks in. Quite a few people has asked me this morning why the snow seemed to be breaking up in the south. That was expect, as the primary energy is now shifting to the coast. That secondary Low will become our blizzard. That is the one that will close off and nearly stall Saturday, while in a position to pump in tropical storm force winds and heavy snow. In fact while this is a blizzard and I mention tropical storm winds (40 to 55 mph by the Chesapeake Bay), there may be an eye seen with the Low on satellite Saturday afternoon. So now worries. Keep your Faith in the Flakes, just please be smart and safe.

Quick Notes

  • Snow should get moderate to heavy within an hour or two of starting.
  • Heavy Snow all around this evening
  • Blizzard Conditions start near midnight and last into Saturday
  • Ice and Rain mix into coastal and southern areas around midnight.
  • Daybreak: Over 1 foot of snow should be on the ground in Washington, Annapolis, and Baltimore. Pushing double digit snow depth in southern Pennsylvania.
  • There will be a full day of more snow ahead.
  • Ending by Sunday morning.

Below are the sliders showing the storm timeline from both the mid-level perspective with energy and winds. Also the surface reflection of the Low Pressure and snowfall.  You will see how the energy will close off and stall, which could lead to what may appear to be ann ‘eye’ of the storm on satellite mid day Saturday. S

[metaslider id=33279]


Snow-Blizzard And Rain

[metaslider id=33290]


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