January 22 2016- Today will begin a few days of The Blizzard of 2016. This will be our first storm of the kind since the twin blizzards of early February 2010. We have a State of Emergency and you will soon see it is justified! At this point before it starts, I fine tune my forecast and often look for tweaks from modeling and nowcasting. All signals are pointing towards and earlier start, colder evening, stronger winds, and higher snow totals.  The net result, get home sooner because stickage and the quick slick roads start earlier.  One of my clients is Johns Hopkins, and I told them this morning that it’s best to be prudent like a baseball game. You want everyone off the field/stands before the first bolt of lightning.  In that case, you should be home before the first flake. This will be a blizzard! It will come on fast and strong.  Also- Snow amounts keep going higher. Faith in the Flakes- but be smart about this, please.

BlizzardWarningJan22Below are sliders for snow arrival and wind. Also my final call maps. Don’t be scared, just prepared. If Baltimore breaks 18 inches this will be a top 10 storm.  If this works out, we will have that much around lunchtime Saturday with more on the way. This may be one of our top 5 storms on record for Baltimore and Washington. There is evidence that this could rival our top storm…

See: Baltimore Snow History

You should wake up to over a foot of snow on the ground Saturday morning, then a full day ahead for more… I love snow and have a Subaru that loves to play in it. This is not the storm to do so. Leave the roads to the first responders and don’t give them extra work, please.

Simulated Radar With Local City Highlights

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Snow Arrival Timeline


Also See:

State of Emergency and Blizzard Warning

Temperatures: Stickage For Sure As It Gets Colder

Snow will be more wet and clumpy on Saturday when it gets warmer. But easier to push around today with temps dropping into the 20s.

Screen Shot2016-01-22 05_02_19


Screen Shot2016-01-22 05_02_29

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Winds: Increasing Overnight And Top Out Saturday Morning

Notice the direction changing as the storm passes Saturday

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Final Call For Snowfall:




Faith In The Flakes: Show Off You Pride As The Snow Arrives

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