1Frost_GregMasenheimerJanuary 7 2016- Did your frost look like this?  The reality of winter finally hit southern Pennsylvania and central Maryland this week, bringing morning temperatures down to the single digits and teens. Once the wind settled, the conditions were ripe for frost to form. The most optimal way to view frost is on a car, especially from the inside looking through the windshield. I was sent an image on Wednesday morning (January 6) from Jonathan Michael that caught my eye and prompted me to post it online. You can see two photos from him below.  What followed was such a unique display of ice crystal formations that I needed to put this collection together for you. Some of these really look like a work of art.  This first picture looks like giant feathers or some incredibly detailed etching you might find on victorian furniture. Many below actually look like snowflakes. But I assure you that all the ice crystal growth was on the surface.

Why so different?

The expression that every snowflake is unique is true. The formation of ice itself depends on many factors:

  • air temperature
  • air pressure
  • air flow or light wind
  • time allowed for ice to grow
  • surface or particle (condensation nuclei that can be dust, salt, ash, or pollution)

Check out the rest of these frost photos, then please go back and let us know which was your favorite. If you liked these, then go see the post I wrote last winter about ‘Digging The Dendrites

Frost Photos


















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