Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_16_16Are you ready for the teens? Not a bunch of high schoolers, but the temperature, first by wind chill, then the actual reading on the thermometer. The arctic air spilling in to our region has ignited the Lake Effect snow machine and I will be along with many of your eager eyes looking for flurries to reach us. Despite the excitement of maybe getting some flakes to fall, the temperature surely will drop as the winds pick up. We can expect winds between 15 to 30 mph, and some higher gusts. We have had some cold air already, but this will be the coldest of the season so far. In fact it will be the first time we drop below freezing in two weeks, and aiming for the first reading in the teens at BWI this season. Wind chill values will drop into the single digits by Monday night and Tuesday morning.

*Correction: First time below freezing on a work day in two weeks. We had two mornings below freezing during this holiday weekend… So it was easy for me to overlook those. Sorry.

LakeSnowJan3The upper level energy that might allow some flurries or snow showers to cross the mountains was shown in this prior report. My main focus here is about the cold. You will feel it Monday, and if you work late in the day, you will feel it more on the way home. Your kids will get to use their winter coats that they might not have yet, so time to rip those tags off. The snow showers this evening may look more impressive in Pennsylvania and eventually western Maryland, but it shows the leading edge of the really cold air moving in.


Cold Comparison: Lows in the 20s in December 2015

December was the warmest on record for Baltimore, but we did have some cold mornings.

  • 5th: 27°F
  • 6th: 24°F
  • 7th: 28°F
  • 8th: 29°F
  • 19th: 26°F
  • 20th: 21°F *Coldest of the season so far

*21st: 32°F was the last time below freezing in Baltimore. It’s been 14 days! But that’s about to change.



Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_09_24


Wind Chill

Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_11_30


Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_11_57




Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_09_53


Wind Chill


Screen Shot2016-01-03 18_12_13


Temperature Outlook: Cold Will Hold Mid Month

Note the warm up later in the week, all depends on the development and track of both the strong storm hitting California tracking across the US to our west, but another storm that will try to form and impact us next weekend. It is still an uncertain event for us, as I am not sold on the current solutions. My gut believes it should be a colder event than seen here, but that does not mean it will be snow. I will be updating each day this week, so keep checking back.



Faith In The Flakes: It Will Snow… Eventually

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