Trek_GovernorHoganOn this Thanksgiving day of reflection and time with loved ones, I am so thankful for Governor Larry Hogan’s health, but it means so much more. He is now cancer free and in full remission after his very public battle with cancer. He did this during his first year office and becoming the third most popular governor in the country with his diligence on the job. Last Sunday there was video report on Fox News Sunday about his battle, and it included a photo of my trek team. We were able to coordinate our schedule of hiking and biking across the entire state of Maryland to meet up with Governor Hogan at the Maryland State House during our 5th day. This is a classic example of a picture being worth a thousand words. Here is that video report, following, please take a moment to read on as I share the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to have worked with to extend the same good vibes to many kids and families fighting their battles with cancer.


Video From Fox News Sunday: Aired Nov. 22, 2015



TeamandKidsStateHouseI am so thankful for:

  • Having been part of Governor Hogan embracing his cancer fight and raising awareness for children battling cancer.
  • Juliana Carver! The tireless fight and public shows of love from her dad John who were able to make it to The State House with us to meet the governor during a week of hard treatment. The first family followed up meeting them in the hospital during a another treatment.
  • Claire Russell who also joined us with Governor Hogan in full remission at the time.
  • Andre Oberle! He was honored on the 7th day of our trek, became Hogan’s pen-pal, and was at the press conference announcing his cancer update.
  • All the other kids honored in our trek
  • The Cool Kids Campaign providing such valuable programs for children battling cancer and their families just trying to maintain some normalcy and childhood.
  • Having the ability at age 42 to physically endure 7 days, 326 miles of hiking and biking to cross the state of Maryland in my trek. I almost lost my leg when I was 14 and was lucky enough to fight through it. That’s the message we want for these kids fighting today.
  • The opportunity to reach an audience of a few hundred thousand to share our stories and raise money and awareness.
  • We raised over $25,000 this summer alone and over $50,000 combined in two Treks Across Maryland.
  • Sandy MacIver and Wayne Hydorn who both joined me for the entire week crossing Maryland.
  • Cal Bowman and Colleen Morehead who joined our team on that 5th day hiking across Anne Arundel County and getting us to the State House 10 minutes early at mile 25 of the day.
  • Ben Hall who joined our team on Day 3
  • Lauren Moyer, Katie Bennett Karrow, and Sharon Perfetti for all the work and support for Cool Kids Campaign.
  • Chris Frederico who was a voice of reason back in the office and stepped up when things became chaotic.
  • Kristin Hollis who found the key tracking program for my web site. She joined us for Day 1, met on Day 4, and at the finish line. She used her photography skills (CloudJumper) to capture some wonderful moments and gave love and support beyond measure. She is a true angel on earth.
  • Dennis DeVoe who managed the support vehicle on his last trip with us.
  • Kymberly Lynch who started the talks to get this meeting arranged.
  • My family who have been so supportive and joined us at the finish.
  • Every school, teacher, faculty member, student, and parent involved in my Wind For Change assembly program. Now in our 6th year, we’ve raised over $104,000 for Cool Kids Campaign.


This is a big part of me and true justification for a large social media audience. I find this as important as the traffic , likes, and shares. There have been so many challenges and sadly some internal conflicts that is a symbolic microcosm of life itself. It’s my parents who raised me by their example of sticking with goals in the face of adversity. It’s my own stubbornness that may take on a life of its own. But the end result is benefitting others. Seeing happy endings such as Governor Hogan and watching his new mission is worth it. Playing a small part along with many other people is what I am thankful for most this day and every day. I only wish for you to have your passion and purpose persevere.


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