Full Moon Gibson IslandMoon eye candy to start the Thanksgiving holiday! We are getting so many treats this year. In addition to our warming weather that will push into the 60s over the next two days, the clear sky has allowed us to see the Beaver Moon. 100% illumination was reached just before rising this evening, which not only maximizes the view for us today, but made last night and tomorrow might look pretty close to full as well.  But this eve of Thanksgiving was beautiful enough to allow many photographers to grab great views with their cameras across the state. Below are the top 10 photos (in no particular oder) across Maryland Thanksgiving style.

I want to point out that the moon wasn’t white for everyone as it rose. The light refracting in the atmosphere along with some natural dust and pollution made for a pink or orange moon rise for some. This usually occurs with a view low on the easter horizon. Check it out:

Gloria Bethke got this incredible scene in Whiteford, MD. The first glimpse below showed a huge disk obscured by trees and that farm house. They almost can pass for the setting sun, but it is certainly the Beaver Moon.

Full Moon Whiteford MD


Full Moon Whiteford 1


On the water…

West River in Shady Side:

Full Moon Jan Saunders Montag


Ocean City from Tyler Horton

Full Moon Ocean City



Through The Trees

Full Moon Pat Zink Carney


Full Moon Momo Couture


More Close Ups

Full Moon Carla Carr


Full Moon Chad Umberger


Full Moon Kelly


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