Dress  TV MeteorologistIt’s tough to be a woman! It’s even tougher to be a woman delivering the weather on TV. Besides trying to look your best every day under bright lights and unforgiving HD cameras, the women delivering weather have it tougher than most news anchors since they stand without being hidden behind a desk.  But you must consider that the weather maps are actually a green or blue screen, and cameras don’t behave well with many patterns.  When something like a simple dress works, word spread… like wild fire. If you read on, you can find out how to dress like your local female TV meteorologist too.

A closed group on Facebook dedicated to women meteorologists was the place many would commiserate about work stress and apparently share tips. It turns out the perfect solution to their fashion woes was this $23 dress sold on Amazon. Word spread with over 50 admitting they bought and wore the same dress.  Many even shared photos of how well it suited them in various colors.

One of the members of the group put together a collage of 43 women in ‘the dress’, and then Jennifer Meyers, a meteorologist at FOX 4 in Dallas posted it to Reddit last weekend. Her comments included: “Some of us have very strict dress codes…so it’s pretty hard to have a closet stocked with solid colors and jewel tones that are affordable and flattering”.  She expanded on“distracting prints,” the color green, lace, short hemlines, and cleavage “angers viewers over 40 something fierce”.

This thing has gone viral… and so nice that most of the women are having fun with it.

Lauren Wallace TV Dress



As a guy with nearly 20 years in TV broadcasting, it was pretty simple.  Wear a suit and just get the right tie to keep it simple. Sure, some patterns and colors didn’t work. I’ve made my mistakes, but found a compromise with my style that worked on camera. Sure I would experiment with some suit colors, patterns, and occasional a very bad tie. But I’ve also been able to wear the same suit twice in a week and no one noticed.  Shhhh…..  I’ve been friends with many of the women I worked with and I know they have it harder than us guys. Much harder. And viewers were brutal about every little change.  That’s another story for another time.  Now… this secret is out, but I hope it earns them a little more respect.

If you want to dress like a TV meteorologist, here’s the dress on Amazon.  You can find it here, if it is still in stock. Ha!

Amazon Dress TV Weather

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