Our date with Patricia made itself known last night with strong and severe storms rolling through. The net result of 1 to 3 inches and left over fog this morning now give way to a decent day. There is an old adage that the best weather is after a tropical system and this might be the case. The remnants of that epic Category 5 hurricane brought a warm environment with it, but we only get one day of it. The winds will be strong today, from the west with gusts well over 30 mph, so you might want to keep your aerostat balloons tied down tightly . We don’t need another blimp chase.  Check out the first slider showing  the wind shift that will bring us from near 70F today to the 50s tomorrow.

Halloween: At this point it looks dry and cool. Evening temps on Saturday will be falling from the mid 50s to the upper 40s. Fleece under the costumes recommended.

Fall Back 1 Hour: Saturday night the clocks will change back 1 hour to Standard Time. Reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors as well.

Hope For Winter Pattern: I’ve talked often about atmospheric memory and the last western, warm storm track does not bode well for winter snow lovers. The system at the end of the weekend is more what you would want to see in colder weather. It will start from Louisiana like the the remnant of Patricia, but track south of Maryland. I think the showers will hold off until after dark, but it will could up and stay chilly until it tracks off the coast Monday.  See more, along with the temperature roller coaster below.

Wind slider –>

[metaslider id=30443]

Next Storm Track Sunday Night –>

[metaslider id=30452]


Temperature Outlook

Screen Shot2015-10-29 06_04_45


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