PortofBermudaOct5PortofBermudaCam2What has happened to Bermuda? Hurricane Joaquin hit hard Sunday afternoon and night, but the main eye stay to their west as the storm was losing some strength. This was the view from the Port of Bermuda web cam on top of the Museum of Bermuda as the first bands were arriving Sunday.  This is what the image should show, but the top view in this post is what it is showing now.  There is roof damage but the camera is still transmitting. The good news, there is power. The bad news, it is laying on its side. I have the live link below so you can see if there is any improvement today. But first, I want to show you the weather last night and my photos of this location from our family trip this summer.

HurrWindBermudaThe wind map showing the top influence of the wind on the Atlantic shows the storm well to the west. But top wind speed at this time was measured at 61 mph. The island was expecting ‘life threatening’ storm surge, and this location of the port is on the west end of Bermuda, closest to the eye of Joaquin.  But the camera is on top of a fortified former fort, and elevated on a hill.


Photos of The Port

I visited this spot with my family this summer. Here are a few scenes to give you an idea of how well fortified this former British Navy Port is. The irony of what was once the strongest Navy in the world to now being the backdrop for a cruise port, unique beach, and my son’s favorite mini golf course. That ‘Fun Golf’ has replicas of real PGA courses from all over the world and is on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful spot and the owner is a really nice guy.  This entire area was only refurbished a few years ago, but is very busy with multiple cruise ships docking six out of 7 days each week. I hope it didn’t suffer too much damage. Since the beach does face north, it was protected from the winds hitting the other side of the island.

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