The coastal storm that was built up from nearly a week of constant onshore wind and waves culminated this weekend. The rain moved away, but the push of water on the coast was at its highest. Here are a few videos and photos showing the result of this constant pounding on Ocean City, MD and the Mid Atlantic. It was not just confounded to the Atlantic side, but also on the Bay side there was surge flooding as well. In addition to the water, the sand left behind was captured well in a few photos. If you have not seen the other coverage, there are more videos and photos from this weekend. See links at the bottom of this post.

This first (of three) video is from Matt Greben who was in Ocean City and went to 8th St to capture the wrath. Here you can see the deep ocean water pushed all the way to the sea wall and spraying over. This was 40 minutes away from high tide. There was a Wind Advisory at the time with gusts forecast to reach 50 mph. Waves offshore were down a little from Saturday to 15 feet.

Ocean Up Against The Sea Wall: Ocean City, MD

Thanks to Matt Greben

Bay Side Flooding: Water From Under the Floorboards:

Wheeler6123- A tour on the Bay side. Look closely and you will see water pushing from underneath the floorboards.


Sand Impact On Ocean City

Thanks to Robyn Phillips and Richie Slaysman’s mother.








Video Of Surge On Saturday

Indian River Inlet in Delaware

Thanks to Bill Atkinson was right at waters edge, which was tough to find at points.


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