The sky did clear across Maryland and the Mid Atlantic Sunday evening to provide enough of an opening to see the lunar eclipse and the blood moon. The lunar eclipse of September 27 provided so many amazing photos to sort through, but I wanted to start off with this gallery of my top 14. These include the contrast with famous buildings in frame, composites, and even through the clouds filtered the light for some, it added more character. Thanks to all that shared and I will post another gallery later.

Number 1: Washington Monument

This went viral overnight and as one person put it, might make Harrison Jones famous.



Other Possible Number 1’s

The rest are so good, I did not want to number them. These could each stand alone and be your favorite…

Annapolis Capitol Dome: Jason Zmuda

Jason notice something on the dome as well. Close up view looked like a person in a sleeping bag, or another flag the fell with the wind this weekend.AnnapolisCapDome


Baltimore’s Bromo Seltzer Tower: Tim Shahan

Our friend Tim is well know for capturing storms at the Inner Harbor. He continues to show off his talented ‘eye’.


Seattle Space Needle: Tim Durkin

Rob  @H3MBY shared this via twitter. While not in our area, it was fitting to go with our three local buildings.

Seattle_Rob _H3MBY


Composite: Kait Smith in Kingsville, MD

I love neat composite layouts like this. They are spread out, so your screen might pinch this a little small.



Blood Moon With Passing Plane: Virginia Titus in Mt. Airy, MD



Blood Moon and Starts: Jason Luby from Owings Mills, MD

The lightning and capture of stars caught my attention. How he did this?

Color as shot. Mounted on Bogen tripod. Camera: Sony A7 Mark 2, Sony 90mm f2.8, manual focus, 1/2 sec, f4, 1000 iso. Processed in Lightroom – boosted contrast and clarity only.



Richard Lawson

Richard Lawson

Ari Koutsouradis




Krystle Chick



Partial Entering Earth’s Umbra Shadow: KellyKleinota



Partial Entering Earth’s Umbra Shadow: AshleyHeisey‎




Rising Full Moon: Kimberly Oliver



Filtered Through the Clouds: CloudJumper Photography

Kristin Hollis was able to sort through the clouds last night in southern PA. She promised that she has more photos of the eclipse to download and I thought this was fitting since I have more to share as well.



See More: About the September 27 Lunar Eclipse

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