umbrellasOCMDForget Sharknado, there appears to be a bigger threat looming on our local shores. It seems the wind once again proved to be an invisible instigator, and like that balloon festival fail in Wisconsin last weekend, what isn’t tied down can become a projectile. Earlier this week, a series of storms hit the north side of Ocean City, MD and southern Delaware very hard.  But the danger that developed was not entirely from the sky, nor the surf.  It was Umbrellas Gone Wild!  You know those large beach umbrellas you can rent for a whole family?  There was an array of them flying down the beach, some at high speed. Thanks to Kristy Gizinski for calling this to my attention. Her aunt posted the video seen below. Watch as one guy tried to literally spear the scout umbrella. That after running for safety and help, dozens more of the ‘blue crew’ took flight.  One looks to have soared 50 feet high, while others went hundreds of yards down the beach. Some got stuck in the water, and others in fences. You can hear the family recording this laughing, and I was funny from a distance.  It’s good no one was injured, but imagine if someone was hit by a pole at 20 to 30 mph.   I do wonder if the attendee for those rentals still has his job, or if he wanted to keep it after chasing the those umbrellas down?  Everyone involved in the roundup should take the title beach cowboy and deserves a medal. Were the poles buried deep enough, or did it just not matter?

*Update: There was a follow up of this video set to music. See that link below.

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Watch: Attack of Killer Beach Umbrellas- The Musical

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