LtgDblRainbowThe break of the recent heat wave came with a cold front Tuesday evening. There were a few scattered storms, including this one in Littlestown, PA with a rare lightning strike and a double rainbow. This was exactly 2 years to the day after Lori Stewart captured another rainbow photo at that spot.  But it was starting to look like a quiet passage in Maryland. Then around 8PM there was quick flare up as a line of thunderstorms developed along the front.  That grew over 40,000 feet tall catching light from the setting sun. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued for eastern Baltimore and western Harford County, the same area hit with severe weather in June and early July (Atmospheric Memory). Damage photos from Hydes and Long Green show many trees knocked down. But the video from Cockeysville does look interesting. A few reports of funnels didn’t seem to fit, but the view below, although hard to see, does look like a possible EF-0 tornado. See for yourself, then check out the other storm pics.


Developing Storm

This was just minutes before The National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning



Funnel Cloud? Tornado seen from Cockeysville?

I was suspicious that some reports might have been a harmless scud cloud. But this appears to be a funnel.

Tree Damage In Hydes, MD





Storm Clouds From July 21

Notice the undulating low cloud deck. Often in severe storms, the bottom of the clouds are not flat, but appear like a wave with turbulent up and down drafts.

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Post Storm Rainbows







Rainbow on Time-Lapse video



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