RainbowJul20The continued heat advisory was expected, this rainbow wasn’t. A sprinkle passed through north of Baltimore from Southern Pennsylvania on Monday while the rising sun was visible. The result was a high arch double rainbow in a location I have never seen. Rainbows are more common in the afternoon with scattered showers while the sun is seen in another part of the sky.  Check out the video below as it grew brighter, and then my cat (dog wanna be) Sagwa once again had to chime in. There is a chance for some afternoon showers, so check out the simulated radar below as well. But the main story is continuing the heat and pollution problems we had on Sunday.



Heat Advisory for I-95 portion of Maryland:
Screen Shot2015-07-20 05_57_39This includes southern Marylandand east to Salisbury. An Excessive Heat Warning for metro Philadelphia.  This is more of an issue than yesterday since it’s during the work week. Baltimore City cancelled summer school, but will still serve food.  You have to feel bad for those who work outdoors and poor AC in their workplace.  Stay hydrated with water and this should be the last of it.  Baltimore reaches the upper 90s but the high humidity will bring the heat index up to 109F.



Temperature and Heat Index

Screen Shot2015-07-20 06_00_36Screen Shot2015-07-20 06_01_41

Air Quality

Screen Shot2015-07-20 06_06_47



See the simulated radar below. But first here is the video of the rare morning double rainbow I saw this morning. Keep watching and you will hear, then see my cat. He is a ham, but also wants to remind you that he has a fur coat. So do you pets, so please keep them inside and cool all day too.


Simulated Radar

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Return Back To Normal

Screen Shot2015-07-20 06_04_47

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