BalloonWIJuly18Waterford, WI: The sky looked dark over this Waterford Balloonfest on July 18, and Ellen Dodd kept her camera rolling suspecting that something just wasn’t right.  The grounds behind Evergreen Elementary School were packed with people and tents early in the morning.  As you can see here, the gusts of wind were a challenge for the grounded balloons, but one acted like a sail filling up back up enough and going airborne again just as it was being deflated with two people inside. The result was a trail of destruction and injuries. In addition to picking up basket, the wind was strong enough to drag a truck that was tethered into a group of tents. This is yet another wind caused a problem at an event with some inflatable. You might remember seeing the video Rose Bowl Festival and a bounce house with kids inside on a beach in Florida. I’ve shared those links below.

The people in the basket walked away unharmed, but the path along the ground did hurt quite a few. Two people on the ground were clipped by the ropes and transported to an area hospital for non serious injuries. Nine other people were treated at the scene.



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