March 25 2021

The strong storm and severe weather outbreak on Thursday has been responsible for sending rain showers our way overnight. These will end in the morning, but the remaining energy has prompted a Wind Advisory for our region. This set up will also allow for strong winds to push in some very warm air for a few hours.

Our weekend will be split between a nice day on Saturday, then end with soggy Sunday that may bring some thunder.  Here’s a quick look:


Thursday Evening Satellite Loop (Water Vapor)


March 25 weather satellite storm


Friday: Wind Advisory

The peak winds are expected to reach up to 50 mph in metro areas, while the mountains may reach up to 60 mph.


March 25 weather Friday Wind Advisory




Wind Speed and Direction

The winds from the west are known as katabatibc winds. These winds compress as the move down from the mountains, which allow it to heat up. 

March 25 weather Friday Wind speed direction


Wind Gusts

Forecast Wind Gusts are expected to peak early in the afternoon.


March 25 weather Friday Wind GUSTS


High Temperatures 

Forecasts still hold the upper 70s, but I stand by the tendency for temps to verify higher than models show in set ups like this. That is why I continue to push the potential of 80ºF


March 25 weather Friday temperatures



Weekend Forecast Snapshot

  • Saturday: Our nice day.
  • Sunday: Our soggy day, which may have thunderstorms.
  • Monday: Much cooler.

March 25 weather forecast weekend Maryland



Saturday Temperatures 


March 25 weather Saturday temperatures morning


March 25 weather Saturday temperatures afternoon


Sunday Forecast Map

A larger storm system will send in rain. The cold front may actually spark some thunderstorms.


March 25 weather Sunday rain storms


I will have a full update in my Friday morning report. 


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