At around 12:26 AM on Sunday March 21 2021 two large flashes erupted in the midnight sky. This meteor explosion was seen by hundreds of people across the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, with a concentration across central Maryland to southern PA.  Two maps below from the American Meteor Society show how far this was seen s well as an estimated location and directional path.

This snapshot from Tiffany Conner is from one of many videos captured. We can thank Nest and Ring Doorbell security systems to helping to get more than we ever had before. I put a compilation of some in the video below.

Technically this was called a Bolide: That is an extremely bright meteor that blows up in the atmosphere. It is often called a fireball.

Meteor Fireball Bolide March 21 2021 Maryland



Video Composite

I was able to combine five different sightings in this montage. Some of the clips are played multiple times, even zoomed in and slowed down to get a better look.



Report Map

According to the American Meteor Society, 147 people logged in reports and were plotted here.  It was seen as far away as Toronto and Detroit to the north, and North Carolina to the south. 

March 21 Fireball Sitings American Meteor Society


Closer View

The collection of reports and locations helped to identify this traveling North – Northwest in southern Pennsylvania. It passed west of Harrisburg, and burned up near State College.

See the complete list of reports from the American Meteor Society here.

March 21 Fireball map Close PAAmerican Meteor Society



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