October 20 2020

At 5 PM, NASA TV will begin to stream the big event!  You can watch that and get all the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission info here. It’s officially called a Touch and Go (TAG) maneuvere. But you can also see it as a soft landing, or a fist bump.

NASA OSIRIS Rex Landing Bennu Asteroird


The OSIRIS-REx will be tapping a sensor to collect rock samples from the Bennu Asteroid, then come back to Earth.  Here is the live stream from NASA-TV. See more about the mission below.


NASA-TV Live Stream

Coverage begins at 5 PM Tuesday October 20



OSIRIS-REx: NASA Rendition Of Touch And Go


What’s Going To Happen?

Have you seen the movie Armageddon? This will NOT be that, thankfully.  But this space rock is in orbit around the sun that does cross Earth’s orbit, but has not threatened us, yet.

The Touch and Go (TAG) automated maneuver. It will be a very delicate landing of just the sensor, with enough time to get the sample, and depart back into a long journey back home.

Here is a look at more details. I have included a NASA video that shows a great explanation of how complex this mission has been.

Below is also the NASA-TV video stream. Set your alarm for 5 PM Tuesday to watch the TAG maneuver


Size of Asteroid Bennu

To get perspective, this space rock is larger than the Empire State Building.



Close Orbit With Earth Around The Sun

This orbit crosses the path of Earth’s orbit twice, but is tilted on a 6º angel. It has not threatened to hit us.

Asteroid Bennu Orbit With Earth


How Fast Bennu Travels

This asteroid moves at 63,000 mph



Getting OSIRIS-REx To Bennu Was NOT Easy

One year after launching, the spacecraft met up with Earth for a gravity assist to slingshot and shot for more speed. This passed about half the distance of our weather satellites.




NASA Video: OSIRIS-REx Mission Overview

This is worth the watch…


Another Look At Navigation System



Want more videos about the mission?  

Visit this Goddard Media Studios link for even more about this mission.



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