Thursday October 15 2020

A big bold cold front is showing up on the satellite loop this evening. This is the leading edge of much colder air that will spill in overnight, and you will definitely feel it Friday.

Baltimore hit 77ºF today at BWI, which was 10 degrees above normal. On Friday, the afternoon temperatures will be 20 to 25 degrees colder. This is going to be a shock to the system, but looks impressive as we track the transition.

Here is a quick look at the current weather set up and timelines for rain and temperatures forecast on Friday.

Thursday Evening Satellite Loop




Thursday Evening Temperatures 

The 40s are showing up in western PA near Pittsburgh, but the very mild upper 60s still dominates central Maryland to the coast.  This will be abruptly ending overnight.

October 15 weather temperatures Thursday evening



Weather Timelines

Here is a quick look at the temperature timeline and rain timeline for what you can expect on Friday in our region. The rain will not be heavy, but last all day. When it clears out, some areas may end up close to freezing on Saturday morning.

Radar Simulation —> slider
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Temperatures Friday –> slider 

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Saturday Morning
We may have to consider potential frost for the inland suburbs Saturday morning. It will be more likely on Sunday morning.
October 16 weather temperatures Saturday 7 AM
I will have a full forecast on Friday Morning.  Please check out our local weather pages and weather widgets to get a look at what you might expect.

14 Local Maryland Pages (and York PA)

We have made a page for Maryland Weather which gives you the current conditions for 14 present area locations. Many of these match up with the spots on our route.  Please use this list below are reference. I will include them daily with my articles on the kids.

Local Hourly Forecasts and Local Radar
Central Maryland
Southern Maryland



Maryland Weather Page

Maryland Weather 

I wanted to keep it simple. Just the basics for a quick view at any time.

Maryland Weather Just In Weather


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Winter Outlook 2021 La Nina Advisory

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