September 25 2020

Yesterday I was driving through northern Harford County in Maryland. I wasn’t looking for Miller’s Farm, but was pleasantly surprised by the bright field of sunflowers in full bloom. After stopping for photos, which is always an easy with this subject,  I had to explore more. I spoke with Bill at the farm stand and figured I should share the info with you.

Sunflower 1

It was a clear day when I was there, and now the clouds have return. But this small farm is such a bright spot, I want to recommend a visit soon. They are open sunrise to sunset, and it’s the perfect quick trip with the family on the weekend.

Millers Farm is located about a half hour drive from Baltimore and York. I have location maps posted below. But first: There is so much they offer and so many photos I had to show you.

There is a path open for walking,  flowers and pumpkins for sale, cow petting, and more.

Pollinators At Work

I got to watch the busy bees, and Millers Farm sells their honey. Local honey is great for helping you deal with seasonal allergies.  I really love this close up I was able to capture.

Sunflower Bee Close




In fact, I took so many photos, I had to break them up into 3 separate gallery sliders below.

Sunflower Millers Farm Sign


Sunflower Walk —> slider

The cost is $5 to walk the sunflower field, and you get a free sunflower when you are done.  All kids under the the age of 5 are free.

The cost for sunflowers (I got to cut my own) is 6 for $5.

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Fall Flowers And Pumpkins —> slider
These large pumpkins were $8, the same for the mums.  I had to purchase enough to fill my trunk.
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Farm Views –> slider
Here are a few views you might see on your visit.
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Reminder: You can pet the cows.

Millers Farm Pet Cow 1


Millers Farm Pet Cow 2


Planning A Visit?

Check the local weather forecast: Harford County Weather Page

Bill told me there may be funnel cake and pit beef this weekend.

Where is this located?

MD-23 and White Hall Rd.

In addition to my maps, you can find them on their Facebook Page: The Millers Farm


Millers Farm Sunflower Road


I think most people in Harford County know where this it. If not, this might help.

Miller Farm Sunflower Map Close


If you are in Baltimore or York, this is just s few minutes off of Exit 36 on I-83.

Miller Farm Sunflower Map wide

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