Saturday June 13 2020

The entire region starts today with cooler air and lower humidity. This is the result of a Canadian air mass, with will also help to develop a cut off Low in the jet stream. That is what was expected to leave us with a chance of rain every day next week.

The weather pattern will stall, but in a different spot. So we will get repeating weather, just a different kind of weather to repeat. 

That pattern will develop, but end up a little farther south. The result actually brings us wonderful weather with the heavy rain farther south.  The computer modeling has been poor, so the suggestion is still in question. But now it looks like we may hold off our next threat of rain until the the second half of the week at the earliest.

Morning Satellite Loop



Morning Surface Set Up

June 13 weather Saturday morning


Morning Temperatures

June 13 maryland weather Saturday morning temperatures


Afternoon Forecast

June 13 maryland weather Saturday high temperatures


Climate Report Today

Record Rainfall set in Baltimore at BWI

See the Weather Observations and Climate Report from this morning for more info about:

June 13 moon phase

📋Observations yesterday

🌡 Climate data today

🗺 Weather Map

☀️ Sunrise and sunset times

🌙 Moon phase



Sunday Temperatures 

June 13 maryland weather Sunday low temperatures



June 13 maryland weather Sunday high temperatures

Looking Ahead

Jet Stream:

This shows the cut off Low (in blue), stalling to our south (in South Carolina). We will have cooler than average temperatures, but the rain set up should stay to our south for the next 3 or more days.



Surface Weather

This is less reliable. I hesitated to show this to you since the modeling just a day or two again had us with a lot more rain. But here we see the chance for that rain to push back north… at least with an increased chance of showers late Wednesday into next weekend.



Temperature Outlook

June 13 maryland weather temperature outlook