April 16, 2020

It is going to be cold tonight! Again. The only consistency we have had this month is routine severe storms followed by unseasonably cold temperatures. Once the wind eases and clouds disperse, we should get temps to drop into the lower 30s and upper 20s.  But some counties not shaded here may have a frost that could endanger the sensitive vegetation that got an early start.

Freeze Warning


As a result, a hard freeze is likely for the colder areas inland away form the water. In the shaded counties, plants may be killed and hoses could burst if not left open.  But if the winds do settle enough, a frost could form on grass and plants with temps between 33ºF and 39ºF since the surface will be colder than the thermometers at 5 or 6 feet above there ground.


  • Cover plants with a tarp or black lawn garbage bag.
  • Bring plants inside
  • Remove or open hoses and turn off spickets


Normals and Records

It should be noted that at Baltimore’s BWI for April 17:

Normal Low = 44ºF

Record Low = 26ºF in 1962 (it was 30ºF April 16 in 1962)


When is the typical last freeze or frost?

See more here

Low Temperature Forecasts

Compare three different model forecasts and see how much they differ.  I still expect the potential frost, so there could be an update to address that for the rest of Baltimore, Montgomery, PG, and Anne Arundel Counties.





When is the typical last freeze or frost?

See more here


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