Thursday October 18 2018

A Frost Advisory has been issued for most of the area from 1 AM to 9 AM Friday morning. This is the time to cover your tender vegetation and bring potted plants in. Perhaps disconnect garden hoses, just in case temps get cold enough to freeze.  However the odds are we stay in the mid 30s.

Looking at the map, almost the entire area has been colored in with the advisory, with the exception of the beaches.  The rest of Delmarva is includes as inland areas can chill pretty fast when the conditions are right. But this is pretty early for these areas. Also see:

Normal First Frost/Freeze Dates

This is a rare thing as the initial push of cold air each season often affects inland areas first while places by the Bay and south tend to stay warmer longer.  What is more interesting is that temperatures should be fairly uniform in the morning, with a slight variation from the colder suburbs to metro areas.


Low Temperature Forecasts:

The NAM  Km Model is a little colder than the HRRR Model. Compare them below:




Also see:

Normal First Frost/Freeze Dates

Will A Wet Summer Bring A Snowy Winter?

Winter Outlook From Two Different Farmers Almanacs


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