May 1 2018

We are turning the page on the calendar and turning the corner in our weather. Do you know how people think we often skip spring and go right to summer? Do you know how I often say our warm ups end up warmer than expected.  I have strong belief that we will hit 90 degrees this week.

Two weeks ago we had snow showers to start the week end reached the 80s a few days later.  This week we had frost on Monday and seems to be jumping into the true heat in a few days.  The computer modeling is catching up, and I think its easy to add a few degrees to the expectations. Check it out:

Stats For May 1

Average High:  70ºF

Record High: 89ºF in 1985

Average  Low: 47ºF

Record Low: 33ºF in 1876

Sunrise: 6:07 AM

Sunset 7:59 PM

*Daylight = 1:53 longer than yesterday 

*Bay Water Temperature = 54ºF at Thomas Pt. Light House


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Morning Temperatures

Soem chilly 30s in Southern PA to start the day, but mild mid 40s for most of the region. This will warm in a hurry.

Afternoon Highs Today



Summer Pattern Ahead

The Jet Stream features a ridge of High Pressure that will pump in the heat over the next few days. This is a look at the upper air pattern at 18,000 Ft. But dry ground and winds over the mountains tends to warm up the thermometer even more.  That is why I expect our result to be in the lower 90s… a little warmer than suggested now. This heat will peak Thursday and Friday


High Temperatures




Pattern Ahead

The heat stream will ease a little over the weekend and into early next week, but no cold air in sight


Not Much Rain Ahead

Some showers will pass to our west and north on Thursday and Friday afternoon/evenings. The front falls apart when it crosses on Saturday, then some rain tried to build in Sunday evening and Monday


Temperature Outlook


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